Pepsi. Joe Staley suprise

 Here is a really fun spot that I was lucky enough to be a part of.  I pulled into the Safeway in San Jose Ca and to mine as well as many other shoppers that day... Joe Staley for the Niners comes out of nowhere and delivers our Pepsi cases..  

Is Dinner Hiding in Your Fridge

 A fun PSA to bring awareness to proper food storage, minimizing food waist and utilizing left overs as a healthy meal option. 

Sun Up to Sun Down at PIER 39

 Here is a new commercial showcasing the fun and excitement that  individuals & families a like can experience when they visit Pier 39 in the wonderful city of San Francisco CA.SHOW MORE

There's No Place Like Home

Check out this great video Here is very fun commercial I had the pleasure to be in to celebrate the grand opening of the NBA's Sacramento Kings new arena sponsored by Golden 1 Credit Union.SHOW MORE

Welcome to Stride

 Your Document Notification Center Stride connects to your cloud accounts to give you real-time visibility on all of your shared files and folders. 

Cisco Hybrid Cloud Food for Thought

 Check out the latest project I worked on for CISCO systems for their new Hybrid Cloud Technology.. Fun shoot, great cast & crew and a really neat product CISCO has created.. Thank you so  much for watching and subscribing to my channel.SHOW MORE

Franklin Templeton Investments

  Great shoot portraying an investment banker, walking down the street with a client while we are discussing various investments.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.  check out my page for additional info,photos and videos. MORE

Where's Wolfman, We need that file!

 This is a commercial spot for Trend Micro Safe Sync. It is a play on the various different ways that people store their digital files to keep them safe. In this commercial I play " The Champ" a boxer sitting on the couch with some other characters. 

Celare Luxury Lockers Sustainable & Tough

 Commercial spot for a premium locker manufacturing company. 

TotalMobile for Government from AT&T

 This is a commercial spot that I worked on for AT&T. I play a case worker from the VA hospital as I assist a disabled Marine put his life back together, by helping he get a ramp put in his house for his wheel chair access.SHOW MORE

Diamond City Jewelers Businessman Approved!

 In this commercial I play a businessman who has fallen on hard times, but is now back on track and attempting to get an engagement ring for his girlfriend.  

Coors Light: Coach Mora

 In this commercial, I play fan who has infiltrated a press conference and is questioning the coach about his knowledge of Coors Light.SHOW MORE

AT&T network security commercial

 in this commercial I play a baseball player inside of a mobile sporting app. The app has become infected with a virus and can be seen in the my eye when the user opens the app.SHOW MORE

TD Ameritrade: Our commitment to you

 In this commercial, I play a father sitting at the kitchen table and I am reviewing my portfolio on my laptop, when my young daughter comes in and ask me to come outside and play with her. later in the commercial we are seen playing chase with each other in the backyard of our home.SHOW MORE

Limon Rotisserie

 Here is a little commercial I did for great restaurant  called  Limon Rotisserie. 

BMW i Mobility intelligent services Commercial

 This video is a showcase of the various products and services that are a part of BMW i Mobility intelligent services. Please Enjoy.