AT&T Grid Iron Gallery Emcee for championship game.

 Here is a portion of a live Emcee event that I did for AT&T as they were the official sponsor of the big bowl game in Jan of  2019 between Alabama  vs. Clemson.. This is non scripted, just going off of a few key talking points and the live environment around me.. #emcee #host #micskills #entrepreneur #entertainer #football #ncaa #alabama #clemson #actor #model spokespersonSHOW MORE

Test Drive and Charging Up the 2018 Nissan LEAF1

This is a unscripted tutorial I provided to the CHARGEPOINT company on the 2018 40KwH Nissan LEAF.

Emcee for Corporate wellness field & wellness day

I am often called to be the Emcee for the day for several large companies for the corporate field & wellness days. I keep the day on pace and full of fun and enjoyment for all the employees in attendance. 


This was an electric vehicle showcase week in San Francisco Ca and I was representing BMW/ Drive-Now, which is a 100% electric car sharing program. First of its kind operated directly by an OEM.